The six audiovisual pieces that allow a good understanding of bullying

Juan Pablo Perret

June 9, 2022

One of the problems adults face when approaching a minor and talking about a subject in the form. In many cases, it happens that the communication is not the best or that the parents do not have developed the soft skills to approach a subject in question in a correct way.

For this reason, if you find it challenging to communicate with your child, look for other methods to talk about a subject. One of them can be through technology, such as showing a movie that combines a good story and addresses the topic so that it is easier to cover the issue with children.

Here is a list of films that can help you!

Cyberbully: This film, released on the big screen in 2011, tells the story of Taylor. Taylor is a minor who receives a computer as a birthday present. However, due to the freedom and independence she had with the computer, the teenager becomes a victim of cyberbullying.

Ben X: Released in 2011, it tells the story of a young man who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome and is a frequent victim of school bullying. To escape, he decides to join a game where he meets a girl, who makes him make a radical change in his life decisions.

Cobardes: This story is about Gaby, a young girl who a classmate bullies. This bullying is consistent over the years until one day; she decides to put together a plan to end it.

Bully: It is a documentary that exposes real-life cases where different types of bullying are addressed. Among them is what young people have experienced, the issues they faced, and how the families of assaulted teenagers are also affected.

Bullying in the classroom: This film is about Chrissa, an 11-year-old girl who is rejected and bullied by a group of classmates. The story narrates the perspective of parents and institutions to solve the problem.

Bullying: This Spanish film narrates the life of Jordi, a young boy who moves to a new city and is bullied at his new school. The story shows the incomprehension towards bullying cases, the concealment of the situation, and the consequences that this type of violence can have.

These six stories can help raise awareness and educate your son or daughter about the consequences that bullying can have on a person and the importance of reporting it. All of the films mentioned above can be found on the internet and different streaming platforms.


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